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“Reinvents hospitality to make something fresh, vibrant & lively, flexible lifestyle which doesn’t place any restrictions on its guest.”


We embrace and reimagine classic buildings & interesting opportunities, creating a sense of history and place while reinterpreting those details for a sense of modern retro that marries the pragmatic with the romantic.


We believe that hospitality is compassion, that it is not servility but genuine concern for others’ well-being and the ability to live with empathy. What a city hotel really needs is an open, flexible lifestyle which doesn’t place any restrictions on its guest. In fact, it should do just the opposite, offering up new possibilities every day.


It really is that easy to explain what Hotel Monopoli is all about. Smart Luxury is a fine selection of top-class ideas to make everything as easy as “ABC” for you. This is the attitude which makes Hotel Monopoli a perfect match for the modern traveller.


Smart Luxury doesn’t pressure you into anything. Instead, it offers opportunities and inspiration & at the same time, looks charming, fresh, and youthful.It’s a tribute to our interior design concept which is the polar opposite of heavy and sedate. On that note, we hope our guest will have lots of fun in the light and airy space.

Hello, neighbors!

Hotel Monopoli, resolute to create a lasting impression from little details, we would like to preserve the friendly neighborhood of Kemang through an Art, Culture and Fashion collaboration


Andhrea Peresthu Cuisine

Clientele can drop in for coffee & Patisserie or for a cocktail & snack at the bar, or a long sit down dinner with friends.


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Setting the tone within the Kemang neighborhood, ‘Bloom’ All Day Dining, restaurant and bar concept centrals on a vibe that is wonderful: expansive and vibrant without being too formal with happy, good feel tunes playing in the background all day long.

This all day eatery welcomes its clientele with a deli counter creating the energy and feel of a gourmet marketplace, where freshly baked breads and patisseries plays a large part of the offering, also a salad and juice bar luring both the health and comfort conscious crowd with a classic and seasonal selection of products from dressed kale to smoked salmon bagel to roast beef sandwiches that can be washed down with cold press juices or finished off with deliciously bright smoothie bowls so in demand today.

On another side of the space sits the hipster central coffee counter, offering honest, high quality house roasted coffee. Across the full bar with an extensive wine program is sofa-style seating along the windows – quite right for wine and cocktail with light nibbles. And sprawled across is the restaurant’s main dining area in a modern-day diner feel and semi open kitchen serving up produce-driven, eclectic comfort food with subtle notes on tasty-healthy combinations as well as an international array of flavors it being a classic hotel coffee.

“This particular rooftop beer garden has plenty of shade. The food shouldn’t be fussy but it should be comforting.”


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Getaway within the city highlighting mainly its bar and a well-rounded grazing menu. The hotel’s rooftop space comprises of a collective sprawling space of the inviting lap pool and its adjacent glass structure indooroutdoor seating area.

Complimenting the basement and ground floor food and beverage options at the hotel, the top floor concept accentuates on by the pool living qualities, as well a getaway within the city highlighting mainly its bar and a wellrounded grazing menu.

The concept roots on a beer garden experience. Providing comfortable spaces for communal gatherings and the raising of glasses. The staff should be knowledgeable and should be well-versed in the beer list and what foods pair best.

“A table might come with a choice spirit, fresh squeezed juice, housemade syrup or bitters, seasonal garnishes & housemade ‘foams’, of course with optional sparklers.”


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Part flamboyant cocktail lounge part Hollywood-inspired club. Hotel Monopoli’s basement space contrasts elegant floral detailing with an outstanding bar and unfinished ceilings design wise. In concept, take the typical R ‘n’ B slash Hip-Hop club.

But give it a boost of bohemian grandeur and artistic feel of a young aristo’s family living room and vastly upgrade the alcoholic options to seasonal craft cocktails made with better booze.

The layout will feature a space suited for table bottle service, but in this case elevated with a bar program of tableside cocktail service. The idea is, those who reserve a table score a personal cocktail attendant to make drinks throughout the night.




Hotel monopoli is a collection of individuals — multiple & inclusive, held together by an affinity for the soulful.

Sejauh Mata Memandang

Sejauh is inspired by the little things that made us love Indonesia. Each pattern has a story created by unique human beings with love for you to wear and share.

Svas Living

Svas Living is an aspiring home & living label that combines the synergy between local craftsmanship and impeccable fashion sense.

Goodvibes Organic

Living in the archipelago made us to connected to nature. Along with biodiversity and tradition, our product range & treatment are inspired to use variety of the finest natural

Leandro Quintero

Leandro Quintero is an argentinian photographer born in Buenos Aires in 1978. Nowadays he lives and works in Berlin,Germany.

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